Preparing yourself to give therapies.

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As therapists whether that is a holistic therapist, massage therapist or beauty therapist we need to prepare ourselves every day to be able to hold a healing relaxing space for our clients. Clients come to us to as therapists to be with-in a relaxing, safe space that is created just for them, that means that our head space and physical selves as well as the therapy room and space is prepared to give the best, personal and professional service for all our clients. As professionals we always le... Read Full Post »

After care advice for therapies

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I always give my clients after care advice, it is very important as supports the client in making the most from their therapy experience and increasing their overall wellbeing and health afterwards. As with all my therapy clients the care advice is individualised to them personally but here are some :


  • Drink plenty of water
  • Listen to your body and rest.
  • Eat a healthy nutritious diet that is balanced and not extreme.
  • Try Yoga, ...
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Yoga is freedom of movement

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Yoga is freedom of movement for your body and stillness of your mind allowing the breath to flow.

Yoga creates balance

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Yoga helps you create your balance of wellbeing , becoming self accepting with love, mentaly and physicaly aware and spiritually awesome .

Yoga is so much more than touching your toes.

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Yoga is so much more than touching your toes its about the journey of your mind, breath and body.

Yoga challenges you

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Yoga challenges you everyday.

Every day your body feels different, listen to your body and be still then slowly wake up your body with yoga stretches and breath deeply and fully into each stretch .


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Yoga is for everyone as our bodies benefits from movement and our mind benefits from stillness.

Yoga for stretching away your stiff, achy joints

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Today was one of those days when my joints and hips felt so stiff and achy that I had no motivation to do my Yoga session.

But I am so glad I did because all the stiffness and pain in my achy joints has gone, the deep breathing and stretching with flowing, relaxing movements was just what my body needed and I feel great!


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Yoga is the most amazing exercise for everyone, its not just for us girls, its for boys and for every age group.

You can work at your own level that you feel comfortable at and steadily stretch to a position you didnt feel was ever going to be posible.

Yoga is  excellent for relaxation of the mind and body with the breath being an essential part of yoga.

Breathing deeply into the stretches and relaxation fills our bodies with oxygen and gently quietens the mind ...

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