A career in Holistic and massage therapies

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If your looking for a new beginning in your life and want to try something new, learn new skills and  start a  journey in your life that excites you both for a career and personally then Holistic and massage therapies maybe just what your looking for.

There are so many therapies to learn within holistic therapy and many different types of massage to but it is just starting with one. Find one that excites you, sparks a passion within you to learn more and then this is the begin...

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New exciting changes for 2019

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New exciting changes for 2019 I love new beginnings ! I love to learn ! I love to develop and grow ! For all of you that have followed my holistic and massage therapy business over the last 10 years, you will of seen me at Brougham Hall therapy centre, visited our mind body holistic fairs, joined us at meet ups and enjoyed angel card readings, spiritual readings, met astrology authors, enjoyed short courses like the face reading course or had fun and enlightenment at our tea leaf reading e... Read Full Post »

Colour in therapy

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All colours hold a vibration , they effect how we feel every day and health and our wellbeing. We capture the energy of colour in our clothes, home and even in what we eat, it balances, harmonises us and can sedate or amplify our energy levels. I use colour in my therapy work every day, in balancing Chakras and energy levels in my clients within my Reiki and holistic therapy work, I see and feel the difference every day that colour makes.

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