Preparing yourself to give therapies.

Posted on 3 November, 2019 at 8:20
As therapists whether that is a holistic therapist, massage therapist or beauty therapist we need to prepare ourselves every day to be able to hold a healing relaxing space for our clients. Clients come to us to as therapists to be with-in a relaxing, safe space that is created just for them, that means that our head space and physical selves as well as the therapy room and space is prepared to give the best, personal and professional service for all our clients. As professionals we always leave our personal stuff out of the door with the intention of being the best therapist we can for each client. with a clear mind and in a place of peace being able to look and assess each clients unique personal needs that day. There are a few extra things we can do to further the preperation each day of ourselves and our therapy space, it should go without saying that we keep our professional space and tools ultra hygienically clean and sparkly ! but to cleanse the energies of the space we can use sound therapy, I use chime bells and energy clearing dried sage bundles or incense sticks. Light candles and create a dimly lit space, put relaxing soft background music on and ensure the therapy couch is set up with the right towels, soft blankets, pillows or head supprt for your therapy. For you clear your mind , balance your energies with yoga, learn a perfect yoga sequence to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, stretch your muscles ready to give a full day of therapies without feeling tired ,uncomfortable or worse in pain. The deep breathing in yoga clears your mind and the day thus far, putting you in a place of listening to your body and blowing away any unwanted energies that only hold you back and manifest. Using your crystal pendulum reads and clears your energy, using Reiki symbols and treating yourself with some Reiki energy powers up your energy and enables you to link with each client to a deeper level enabling a deeper holistic therapy treatment. Doing a visualisation or meditation, body scan or Chakra clearing and energising will spiritually and energetically help you be an awesome therapist giving an amazing therapy experience for each client. You are now prepared so go and enjoy an amazing day and make a difference.

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