BH Holistics Therapy Centre has had to make some changes

Posted on 24 March, 2020 at 11:20

The Covid virus started so far away that I didnt think it would ever personaly or professional effect me.

I changed from disbelief to shock and then belief when a week ago today I had to make the painful decision to postpone the Holistic & Spiritual Well being festival just 10 days before it was going to be on.

I cried as I announced it to my event team of exhibitors, psychics and therapists, I was met with such positive, supporting and lovely comments that I felt like I had made the right decision, although letting go felt so painful.

I have postponed the event until the 18th July, I am probably nieve to think we will be all okay to go ahead with an event in 4 months time but I am filled with hope and positivity that if everyone self isolates we can get life back sooner rather than later and 'wow 'we will be so happy to see each other and share a happy beautiful day! 

Then only a few days later after postponing the event I had to make another emotional decision and close my therapy centre until it is deemed safe to re open again. Such a scary thing to do, all those years of my heart and soul going into building & developing up my business with an amazing client base and some of those clients have become treasured friends.I have so much gratitude and thanks for all the positive and beautiful messages I have recieved from my clients have really helped me through this time.

Now I feel as if I am transitioning into a new form of normality for now, it is maybe a good time to stop and alow myself time to reflect and ' just be 'for a while.

Being self employed has been the best lifestyle choice for me for the last 13 years with a large family, but it has meant never really stopping. always working and racing from one thing to another and juggling everything just became quicker. My last maternity leave consisted of 2 weeks and my last 1 weeks holiday was in June 2018, so right now I can create a new positive right now in my life 'time' .

I am going to have space and time to create new changes, develop my training academy as  I am going to have time to write more practitioner courses and workshops and build on  my on line courses.

I am going to enjoy this time of growth and I will be so very happy to arrive at the other side.

I love what I do !

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