Reflexology and energy

Posted on 27 August, 2020 at 10:55

Reflexology and energy

Reflexology is a foot massage that presses the reflex zones on the feet, these reflex zones correspond to an organ or part of the body.

The art of reflexology is stimulating and revitalising the energy flow along the energy channels linking the organs and body parts.

Vital force is our living life energy, everything that is alive is an energy that is a vibration.

Chi is energy our vital force energy that permeates around our body in a cellular level. It is our breath, our movement, our life it circulates around our body through our chakras and meridians.

Yin & Yang is our opposing energies of our bodies that creates polarity. When in perfect balance it creates wellbeing and wellness, when out of balance it can create symptoms of illness. Yin is within yang and yang is within yin, they need each other for perfect harmonious energy. The symbol of yin and yang originally represented the light and dark sides of the mountain, each becoming the other as the day passes. Yin is female and yang is male.

Subtle anatomy is the aura our electromagnetic field surrounding the body. It has seven layers, the layer closest to our body is called the etheric body, this is important for diagnosis of imbalance and illness as the energy is accumulated and can be felt by the holistic therapist.

The outer layer of the subtle anatomy is the spiritual body our true self.

Chakras are contained in the etheric body. The energy centres are connected to the life force which distributes energy and wellbeing to the nervous system and circulatory system and endocrine gland.

Reflexology stimulates the chakras which in turn effects the nervous and circulatory system.

The Chakras are wheels of rotating energy centres of the body. There are 7 major chakras and 21 minor chakras.

Chakras can become blocked or partially closed caused by trauma in a person’s life. When this happens the endocrine glands are unable to function to their full potential and our physical body suffers.

We can treat the chakras not only with colour but reflexology to.

Our crown chakra is just above the crown on your head which is on the top of the big toe on your foot or top of your thumb on your hand. (1000 petalled lotus representing infinity) white / violet light.

Brow chakra is in the centre of the brow between the eyebrows which is found on the spinal reflex of the feet and hands between the first and second phalanges. Two indigo petals.

Throat chakra is the throat area between the two clavicle bones, which is on the spinal reflex of hands and feet halfway along the second phalanges. Smoky blue lotus flower with 16 petals.

Heart chakra is situated between fourth and fifth vertebrae which is on the spinal reflex of hands and feet where the second phalange of thumb joins metacarpal bone. Represented as a green lotus with 12 petals.

Solar plexus is about 3 finger widths below the belly button which is on the spinal reflex located at the back of the cuneiform bone where it meets the navicular bone. Bright yellow lotus with 10 petals.

Sacral chakra is situated halfway between naval and pubic bone. On your feet it is where the navicular bone joins the calcaneum, on your hands it is at the base of the metacarpal bone. It is symbolised by an orange lotus with 6 petals.

Base chakra (root chakra) is at the base of the spine on the feet at the base of the calcaneum on hands at bulbous point of radius. It is a deep red lotus flower with 4 petals.

This is a very deep blog on our energies and reflexology, I hope you enjoyed it.

With Love



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