This is what's in my natural medicine cupboard , what's in yours ?

Posted on 25 February, 2019 at 9:20

This is what's in my natural medicine cupboard , what's in yours ?

Echinacea tincture which acts like a natural antibiotic ensuring that any bugs or viruses don't spread around your body. I use this regularly to keep healthy and ensure my middle ear problem of labyrinthitis is kept away . I soon know when I need to start taking this amazing tincture again .

Honey, manukau honey is definitely the best for healing but can be quite expensive so sometimes I just use a normal local honey . Honey is great for healing within your body especially sore throats , but is also fabulous on healing wounds on your skin very quickly .

Ladies mantle tincture, I use daily and it has stopped all symptoms of hormonal imbalances and the menopause , I can't recommend this product enough to all ladies of all ages.

Arnica pustules or cream has been used by all our family for many years for bruising and aches and pains. Arnica made so much difference in the healing after child birth and for recovering after operations to .

Rhus Tox homeopathy this was recommended by a friend for aches and pains in muscles and joints and is amazing !

Vitamin B keeps us all mentally positive and our energy levels high.

Sultana tincture, I was made this by a friend to help my arthritis in my hands and it has made so much difference. I no longer get inflamed, sore thumbs and fingers . It was simply made with organic sultanas in gin and I take 15 drops a day .

Magnesium is a well used remedy in my cupboard since I read up quite a lot about the value of magnesium for our bodies. We are so depleted with in our food we consume of vital minerals now that we need to supplement. Magnesium sulphate ( Epsom salts ) in the bath , magnesium flakes made into a body spray for aches and pains or in a vitamin and mineral pill .

Crab apple tincture essential for self esteem and boosting confidence , great for our teenage daughters and us to .

Aloe Vera Juice heals on a cellular level inside out of our bodies , I love this to boost my immune system and improving my skin hydration . It's amazing for everyone !


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