Deeply Relaxing MASSAGE

Holistic Therapy Centre

Brougham Hall

Bespoke Therapies 

  ' Each of us are unique and different'

As are your therapy experiences at BH Holistics 

'Working at a deep level energetically and holistically helps me to link with my clients, enabling  me to identify the holistic and massage therapies most supportive and healing to integrate together into the desired therapy experience' 



Add-on Therapies

Want to customise and enhance your experience? Keen to give something a quick try? Well, BH Holistics has the perfect solution as you can add on an extra 15 minutes of another therapy onto your session. Some popular add-ons include:

  • Add 15 minutes of Reiki onto your massage.
  • Add 15 minutes of Heated Bamboo Massage onto your massage.
  • Add 15 minutes Indian Head Massage onto your neck, back and shoulder massage.
PRICE: £10.00 extra per 15 minute add-on.

Consultation-Led Sessions

For the fully bespoke option, arrange a consultation with me and, depending on your specific needs, I'll develop a personalised blend of complementary therapies to maximise the therapeutic benefit of your sessions. 

PRICE: £40.00 for 1 hour  

SPECIAL OFFER: Re-book your next therapy session within a month and receive up to £10.00 discount with our special discount card. 


Please contact me directly (T: 07748 376385 / E:[email protected]) for all your bespoke therapy inquiries and requests.