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Discover your passion for Holistic Therapies

A lot of Holistic therapists specialise and qualify in one therapy, others wish to reach to a wider client base learning other therapies that link to and add to therapies

Where do you begin?

Discover your passion within Holistic therapies, I began my journey into Holistic therapy with Reiki therapy which helped me understand and integrate with energies, which created a deeper level of work in all my therapies.

I loved the Holistic integrity and understanding that each and every one of us is unique, and felt passionate to help more people on a deeper level ( and myself as all healing and development begins with ourselves) and I qualified as a Holistic Life Coach, the holistic wisdom I have gained is with me everyday in all that I do in my work and personal life.

I was on an amazing learning journey to learn as many holistic and massage therapies as I could, as each one I learned linked to the next to further my knowledge and experience to help my clients.

If you are interested and passionate in learning energy work and healing start with Reiki.

If you are wanting to learn hands on practical therapies as in massage,

Indian head massage is a good place to begin, as you start your journey of learning massage techniques and the power of touch. Indian head massage is a nice short course to build your confidence and help you on your way to other massage courses.

Indian face massage follows on beautifully from the Indian head massage course and you can easily add to your treatment list with learning Hopi Candle therapy to cover the whole head area.

Holistic massage is an amazing beautiful full body massage, you need to be able to commit to 6 months for this course, meeting once a month for a training day, you will be rewarded with an an amazing enjoyable learning experience and a professional accredited holistic massage certificate ready to practice.

Reflexology is a different unique massage technique using mostly your thumbs in a caterpillar movement across the reflex points of your feet. I teach reflexology as a Holistic therapy for a whole-body experience and my clients love it! Reflexology is often learned as a therapists one therapy to specialise in, but many learn this amazing therapy to add to their existing therapy list. Reflexology is a very popular therapy with my clients.

After you have completed your Reflexology practitioner course you can progress to the Advanced Reflexology course which deepens your knowledge of the relationship between natural healing and reflexology.

If you are like me and want to help people on as many levels as you can then the Holistic life coaching for coaches course is a wonderful personal and professional learning journey.

If any of these courses interest you and you would like to join me on your learning journey , check out my courses and get in touch at

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