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Do we need business advice and marketing help in our therapy business?

Do we need business advice and marketing help in our therapy business.

Absolutely yes! But my advice would be to ensure it is with the right consultant or advisor.

I have met about 7 or 8 different business coaches and consultants over the years in my business.

Holistic and massage therapy businesses are people centred, in each of our own businesses we are the face, the image, the energy, the vibe, the essence that the customer connects to.

So, we have to find the right business consultant, advisor, marketing specialist that can clearly see and understand who we are to be able to support and mentor us to develop within our business.

We are all unique and we all need someone to see this, be creative, spark off ideas and help come to some amazing idea that helps you/your business stand out from the crowd and hold your own.

Having the right business consultant can help you grow and develop your business in ways you have only ever dreamed of if you find the right one.

Business consultants charge a lot more than we do for our therapies, so we need to measure the value of what they are helping you achieve. So be clear about your aims and objectives and also a timeframe.

It is always interesting to receive somebody else's perspective on your business and how they feel you should grow, develop & market your business, but make sure their values and ideas match yours.

The two business consultants that I believe have helped me most in my business are Tanya Moxon who coached me to find myself, discover my skills, reflect my values and everything that was important to me into my business.

And the other was Ruth Wilkinson who listened to my many plans and gave me the tools to achieve them.

I learned so much from these two very clever ladies and they have made a difference in my business, gave me confidence and helped me feel empowered to achieve my dreams.

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