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Do you know just how amazing Reflexology is?

Reflexology is a powerful, relaxing foot massage, the massage techniques stimulate the reflex points on the feet which activates and revitalises the energy flow along the energy channels linking organs and body parts.

Reflexology increases our vital force .

Vital force is our living life energy, everything that is alive is an energy that is a vibration.

Reflexology helps our Chi.

Chi is energy our vital force energy that permeates right around our body to cellular level . It is our breath, our movement, our life, it circulates around our body through our chakras and meridians.

Reflexology helps balance our Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang is the opposing energies of our bodies that create polarity, when it is in perfect balance create well being and wellness when out of balance can create symptoms of illness .

Yin is within yang and yang is within yang and need each other for perfect harmonious energy.

The symbol originally represented the light and dark sides of the mountain, each becoming the other as the day passes .

Yin is female, yang is male .

Reflexology energises, clears and helps bring healing to our Chakras and Subtle anatomy.

Chakras are our energy centres within our body and Reflexology helps our Chakras stay open and balanced.

Subtle anatomy is the aura the electromagnetic field surrounding the body.

It has seven layers and the layer closest to the body called the etheric body that is important for diagnosis of Imbalance

If you would like to learn more about Reflexology and book in for a therapy session or join us on a Reflexology practitioner course

please check out our website here or get in touch to find out more. Telephone Lindsay on 07748376385

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