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Exciting new course in January 'Holistic Life coaching for coaches'

Exciting new Holistic life coaching for coaches course at BH Holistics starting in January 2024. This is a 6 month course meeting once a month for face to face training supported with online learning. Get in touch to learn more about this course and payment plans.

This is for you if ''you are not new to this, you are true to this''

Aims and Objectives of the course for level 1 personal and level 2 professional

Self-discovery with a different perspective to create change.

Personal growth

Move forward to meet your full potential

Manifest happiness joy and love for the highest good of everyone

Health is your highest value

Living a holistic healthy lifestyle

Know the truly holistic approach to enhance your wellbeing and health. The positive benefits of exercise and how build a sustainable exercise routine

Realise your goals, understand your value and change your future.

Deal with limiting beliefs, build personal power and confidence.

Be the author of your own destiny and become who you are.

Aims and Objectives of the course for level 2 professional

Know how to create a professional, calm, relaxing, safe, quiet environment.

Know and understand how to create a positive therapeutic relationship.

Know how to become the best coach, practitioner, therapist.

Know and understand the assumptions on human nature.

Know and understand how the Meta Model of NLP can help you gather information from your client.

Know and understand the records required for coaching

Understand how to use and the value of the Life Balance Wheel with your clients.

Know and understand how to identify issues.

Begin to make a difference, to practise and gain confidence

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