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Have you any questions about the courses at BH Holistics Training Academy ?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

I get so many questions about the courses at BH Holistics training academy, everyones situation is different so please give me a call or see below to some answers.

Question - I have no experience in therapies , can I still do the course.

Answer - Absolutely, all practitioner courses (except Advanced reflexology and Eastern bamboo massage) do not require any previous experience, just passion and interest in the therapy.

I have therapists who wish to further develop and add to the therapy list they already offer, gain more confidence and recap on previous learning and new students who are learning right from the beginning. My teaching experience and practice helps me support and teach all students at all levels of learning, this is why I love what I do.

Question - I can't afford to pay for the course in full, is there a payment plan?

Answer - Thats fine, a lot of my students prefer to pay monthly as find it easier to budget for.

I am happy to create personal payment plans to help everyone, just get in touch.

Question - Which course shall I start with ?

It would be great to have a chat with you to discover where your passion is directed, is it Feet? Massage? Energy healing?

If you love feet then the reflexology practitioner course is a wonderful beginning.

If you want to see if you would enjoy massage and want to start with a short course then our two day Indian head massage practitioner course would be perfect, it is fun , fast paced and an amazing introduction into massage.

Or if you want to jump straight into a full body holistic massage course and can commit to 6 months of learning then our holistic massage practitioner course will definitely set you up into a career in massage.

Maybe you are interested in energy healing and would love to begin your own personal healing journey into Reiki with a 1 day course into Reiki 1 and follow with the Reiki 2 for professional Reiki .

Our Indian face massage practitioner course is wonderful to learn about energy healing and massage, incorporating both in this 2 day course.

Question- I can't make all the dates for the course training, what can I do as don't want to miss out.

Answer - With prior warning about the dates you can't make, we can all check our diaries in the course group to look for an alternative date or I will help you catch up by creating extra time or another day for you.

Question- Is the course insurable ?

Answer - yes all the practitioner courses are insurable, I have a link to Westminster Insurance company who will give you a discount too.

Question - Is the course accredited ?

Answer - Yes all of my practitioner courses are accredited with International practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

Question - Can I work professionally in the therapy after the course?

Answer - Yes, all the courses are taught to a high commercial standard and professional.

Question - Do I need case studies?

Answer- All my courses have models who become your case study work within the training days, I assess your practical work throughout the course and may suggest the need for extra case studies outside of the training days. I always recommend as much practice as you can throughout the course as practice builds up your confidence and techniques.

Question - What equipment do I need fo the course?

Answer - This really depends on the practitioner course that you are doing.

The Indian head massage course is the simplest as only needs a chair, towels and massage oil.

The Reflexology course needs either a reflexology chair (some people use a sun chair) or a couch.

The Holistic massage course would definitely need a professional couch, towels and oils.

The Indian face massage course would need a couch, a stool for you to sit on, facial oils and towels or blanket.

Hopi candle therapy needs a couch and pillows to get the correct position and hopi candles (I can send you a link to good hopi candles).

Eastern Bamboo Massage requires an investment of the bamboo and heated bag, the only supplier I know is Vulsini and may cost about £250.00 , if you check out their website or get in contact you may get offers or discounts. I have had my bamboo and case for over 10 years so a good investment. You will also need a couch, towels and oils.

doesn't need any equipment but if you wish to do it professionally you will need a couch, pillows and blanket.

Question - I have learning difficulties can I still do the course?

Answer- Absolutely yes you can, I have dyslexia so totally understand the difficulties.

I have created training manuals with coloured text, and break down the text into boxes to avoid getting overwhelmed. Everything is within a step by step process to achieve simply and easily .

I also go through all the lessons in the manual each training day to help all my students understand the work on a practical level and link it to the therapy.

I am always happy to help each student individually with any of the work to help gain understanding and knowledge. Sometimes it is just clarifying what the question is actually asking you or explaining in a different way.

Question - How big are the training groups for the courses?

Answer- All of the groups are to a maximum of 4 students and most groups require a minimum of 2 students to be viable. This allows me to teach students one to one and support everyone fully. The small groups also creates a friendly, warm and fun learning environment for everyone and wonderful friendships are created.

Question - Do I get a certificate?

Yes, once the course is completed you receive a certificate of competence/ completion within the therapy.

Question - How long is the course?

Answer - This depends on the practitioner course you are doing.

The shortest courses of 1 day training are Hopi candle therapy and Reiki.

We have two day courses which are usually weekend courses (but not always) of Indian face massage, Indian head massage and Eastern Bamboo massage.

The longer courses are Reflexology which is five months (meeting once a month for training days)

Holistic Massage and advanced reflexology practitioner courses are both 6 months long ( meeting once a month for training days)

Question- What do I wear ?

Answer- If you are coming on the Reiki courses just wear something comfortable.

The other courses are more professional and require light, comfortable, casual yet professional clothing, but still within your vibe!

Massage oil gets everywhere so professional clothing is great to avoid spoiling your normal clothes, I have BH Holistics Training academy black comfortable tee-shirts to order if you wish and you can wear these with comfortable light trousers.

Question- What happens if I have to leave a training day earlier to pick my kids up from school?

Answer- I f you let me know as soon as you can, I can arrange the training day around it to avoid you missing anything. I arrange most of my training days to start at 10am and finish about 3pm where possible to allow for travelling time and to help mums with the school run.

Question- What can I expect on your courses?

Answer - A warm welcome, friendly, caring , supportive and fun learning environment.

Professional teaching , mentoring and support on your learning journey and after you have completed your course.

Training days of giving and receiving therapies, I believe this a fabulous way to learn as your understanding grows in how it feels to receive and give.

I always link the theory to the practical training to develop more understanding.

Question - How do I book onto a course?

Answer- Get in touch with me directly , Lindsay Wild, telephone 07748 376385 or email

I will send you a booking form to fill in , there is a £50.00 deposit required on confirmation.

Pay for course in full on website or contact me for your payment details or to set up payment plan.

You will receive a confirmation of start date and details of the course on email.

Question- I really want to do one of the courses but I can't do the dates already set?

Answer- Please get in touch, sometimes I can change dates and I can always create new dates too.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please get in touch ...

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