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How many symptoms of the menopause do you have ?

I had so many symptoms of my hormones out of balance , maybe not all at the same time thank goodness ! I think sometimes we just ignore aches and pains, dry skin , vaginal dryness or feeling moody and sad as we think it's just part of getting old , when actually they are symptoms of hormone imbalance and we can actually help ourselves, honestly we can !

My learning journey as a menopause therapist practitioner has helped me so much in understanding what is actually going on in my body as my hormones go crazy ! and given me the knowledge to put the balance back in where there was non.

Below is a large list of some of the symptoms of the menopause .

· Fatigue

· Insomnia

· Mood swings

· Low mood/sad

· Hot flushes and night sweats

· Bloating

· Hair loss Facial hair

· Weak bladder

· Difficulty concentrating

· Change in body odour.

· Muscle tension

· Burning tongue/mouth

· Dizziness Joint aches and pains

· Tinnitus

· Irregular periods

· Heavy periods

· Anxiety

· Allergies

· Digestive issues

· Palpitations

· irritability

· Weight gain

· Muscle tension

· Brittle nails

· Tender breasts

· Panic attacks

· Loss of confidence

· Loss of sex drive

· Brain fog Nausea

· Cystitis Memory loss

· Electric shocks Dull skin

· Headaches

· Itchy skin

· No energy

· Change in body shape.

· Irrational responses

· Tingling extremities

· Skin breakouts

Knowledge is power as through knowledge we gain an understanding and be able to make informed choices and open up a conversation to get help and support..

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