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Its okay not to be okay sometimes

It’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

Sometimes it is okay not to be okay, just be still, accept, release and when your ready move on.

Sometimes all it takes is a good night’s sleep, sometimes it takes a bit longer, sometimes it is a lifelong challenge to feel okay.

Usually everything has its time and becomes a memory at some point, but it feels a long time when you are in it feeling not okay.

Sometimes it's because you are living or working in the wrong place, in relationships with the wrong people, living a life that no longer serves you and does not bring you happiness.

Sometimes you lose someone or something that you love, and you go through your personal journey of bereavement and it hurts like hell, in time I promise you will feel lighter and you begin to heal and feel okay again.

Sometimes our hormones turn us into mad crazy women, we shout, scream, cry, overreact and feel as if we have no control even at moments when we should be happy. It’s okay not to be okay it will pass.

Sometimes long dark winters makes us feel sad, it's okay it will pass.

Sometimes sunshine, friends, music, walking, running, good nutrition & supplements helps us feel okay and this is all we need, but sometimes our brains need chemicals to rebalance and need medication to and this is okay.

Sometimes you need to let go of judgements, resentment, worries and all the gremlins that are holding you back from finding your real authentic self and happiness.

Always love yourself, always remember when saying no to others you are saying yes to yourself, never compare yourself to others, follow your hearts desire & souls’ journey and on your life’s, journey remember sometimes it’s okay not to be okay.

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