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Taking one hat off to put another one off

This weekend I had the honour and the privilege to work alongside so many amazing women at our Holistic and spiritual festival, my heart felt full of so much warmth and love and the energy was magical.

Friends, family, and my amazing students came to enjoy and share this beautiful truly brilliant day.

So, when I tell everyone that I am going to take my event organiser hat off and give it with love to someone else, they are going to think that I am mad!! And I probably am!

This Holistic & Spiritual Wellbeing event day I organise is so enjoyable, inspirational and pulls together everything I believe in as a holistic therapist to help others.

But I want to put another hat on ‘in addition to my therapies and teaching’ and create some more time for learning and an exciting new beginning, so I have to let go of something, which is the event organising.

I will introduce you to the ‘new me’ for the holistic & spiritual wellbeing event organising very soon, she has a lot of experience from organising events in the past and was just waiting for an opportunity to start again!

I will help in the background as much as is needed for the events to continue as amazing as they are, and you will definitely see me there.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Lindsay x

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