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What is the story about my business name BH Holistics

When I started my business 14 years ago in holistic and massage therapies, I was based at Brougham Hall, a beautiful 14th century medieval house, I called my business Brougham Hall holistic therapy centre.

I didn't have the business foresight at that time that I would be anywhere else, which was one of my first lessons in setting up my own business.

When I realised, I wasn't going to be at Brougham Hall forever, and would be moving on to other business premises, I had to find a new business name!

So, ‘Brougham Hall holistic therapy ‘centre changed to ‘BH Holistics’.

It was like starting again, a new website, logo, look and marketing materials.

Looking back, my business name has evolved as has my business, and the name has been part of the journey.

Journey 1

Setting up initially at Brougham Hall Holistic therapy centre bringing in a group of therapists to provide a full range of therapies.

Journey 2

Moving my holistic & massage therapy centre into town and setting up BH Holistics as a sole therapist.

Journey 3

Developing BH Holistics therapy centre into a Training Academy, being able to use my teaching and assessing qualifications to teach all the therapies I love so much.

Journey 4.

My ‘BH in ‘BH’ Holistics has a new meaning ‘ Balancing Hormones’ Holistics, as I help women just like me going through the menopause transition.

A marketing specialist once said to me when I was getting business advice that I should change my business name ‘BH Holistics ‘ as it meant nothing to anyone else but me.

Maybe she was right, but the name is all part of my evolving journey within the business I love and so very proud of.

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I love that! I always meant to ask you that whilst on the course - but it's interesting to see how your business has evolved and so has the name of it! xx

Me gusta
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