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Where do you begin to start your own holistic & massage therapy business?

Starting your new holistic massage therapy business


one step at a time

1 what would you like to call your business?

Let your mind wander talk to your friends and family until the name feels right and resonates with your vibe and your energy.

Some ideas of words to start creating your name. - time for you, escape, indulgence, infinite, bliss, tranquil, pampered, relax, rejuvenate, spirit, reset, refresh, calm, cloud 9, health & wellbeing, life force, etheric energy healing, essence, empowered energy, radiant, vitality, healing, therapeutic, holistic haven, harmony.

2 Create your logo and colour palette that suits your personality, vibe and energy.

Create your vision, energy, vibe.

Some ideas to create your logo.

Lotus flower

Tree of life


Spiritual woman




Initials of business name.

Colours for holistic therapy business.

Soothing blues and grounding greens.

Playful, soft colour schemes.

Uplifting purples and rejuvenating teals.

Vibrant and professional.

Earthy greens and sophisticated violets.

Colours to soothe anxiety and promote wellness.

Soothing lavender, to bring balance, feel peace, connect with our bodies and mind.

Green is restful, nurturing and healing.

Lavender grey.

Powdered pink.

Sky blue.

3 Visual design.

Visualise your therapy room and how you want it to look, the ambience and atmosphere you want to project.

What will you wear that fits into your vision.

Wear clothes that are comfortable, easy to move around in and work in, look professional clean and tidy.

(Tunics, black trousers, polo shirt, your own logo top)

4 Your mission, this is a reflection of what motivates you and your values.

Some examples to think about-

Create a healing space for clients to feel empowered to create a healthy life they will be proud of.

To help my clients achieve the wholeness that makes them see how wonderful they are.

Make a difference to as many people as possible.

Help people feel better, heal, and rediscover their wellbeing.

5 Tone of voice, how would you like your customers to think and feel about your business?


Special, exclusive, safe, welcoming, exciting, joyful, energetic, peaceful.

6. Who is your market?

Women or men and women?

Age group?

Create your avatar of your ideal client then market your business for your avatar.

7 Google your business.

Get your business on google my business so your clients can find you.

8 Reach people on social media.

Social media is about the content you share.

Facebook is a notice board of you and your business.

Instagram goes hand in hand with Facebook.

Twitter is short messages to link to hashtags.

Linked in is a professional networking site.

Tik Tok, Pinterest are also social media platforms to consider.

6 Network

Partner with a local health and beauty business, such as a gym, yoga studio or hairdresser to offer exclusive offers to each other’s customers.

Collaborate with practitioners who work with the same client group but offer a complementary service, for example a nutritionist, a mental health professional, a physio therapist.

Host joint wellness workshops or classes with other holistic businesses, like yoga teachers, meditation instructors or breath therapists.

Host wellness retreats or weekend getaways with other wellness businesses.

Collaborate with a wellness product range or service.

To collaborate can be a powerful way to build an amazing support network of holistic therapists /practitioners who share your passion for health and wellbeing

If you would like support and help with ideas, get in touch with Lindsay at BH Holistics Training Academy.

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