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Reiki Healing with wild heart holistics

Reiki is a universal healing energy and vibration of life in all living things.
Healing, loving and positive, Reiki is the heart of wild heart holistic's. 

Reiki is ...The energy shift, the motivation, the door to personal healing and happiness, the balance and harmony, the deepest level of mind relaxation, the kick start needed to empower your own energy system, Reiki makes a difference .... 

To love yourself , feel empowered, radiate joy from within and you have found your well-being at its best. 

Mother earth energy, colour healing, polarising energy body, Crystal healing energy, Kuan yin, Reiki  all of these energies flow and work together beautifully and with dignity, this is Wild heart holistic therapies.

My Reiki treatments are good for general well-being as well as specific issues. I have been able to help many of my clients overcome the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, Crohn's disease, ME, back pain, and general aches and pains. I have also helped clients in their recovery from cancer and in their maintenance of long-term wellness through monthly appointments. 

Think about what you want the Reiki to address; clients usually come with an intention for their treatment, such as, 'to sleep better', 'to feel less anxiety', 'to have more confidence' or 'to overcome my illness'. Also, although you will remain fully clothed during a session, wear loose, comfortable clothing to ensure you are relaxed.
A session begins with a consultation in which I will get an understanding of various lifestyle factors and any particular issue you want treated. Following this, you can snuggle down under fluffy blankets ready to enjoy your deeply relaxing Reiki  and wild heart holistics therapy. During treatment, you will feel me lay my hands gently on specific areas of your body as I work to rebalance your body's energy. 

BH Holistics’ Promise: a professional service meeting a high standard of care and experience.

  • As a complementary therapy, Reiki should not be seen as a substitute for prescribed medication.
  • If suffering from a serious illness or disease, it is wise to first consult with your doctor before beginning any such therapies.
  • Those under the age of 18 years old will require parental consent.

1 hour for £40.00 (includes free consultation).
1 1/2 hours for £55.00 (includes free consultation).


My story

Many many moons ago as a little girl I used to put my hands on my dads head when he was suffering with one of his many migraines and his migraine would go away, but I used to get the migraine! I was eventually banned from doing this as it made me ill.

I discovered years later that this was called magnetic energy when my journey into Reiki therapy began.

I was living through a time of heartbreak, bereavement, stress and very tired, my dad had died of cancer, I was going through a divorce and was a single mum of three young children working full time teaching.A lovely lady saw how stressed I was one day and said to me that  I needed Reiki and she was doing her training into Reiki, she offered me a Reiki therapy the next day in her home. I had never heard of Reiki but desperately wanted to feel better than I did so jumped at the kind offer.

 Although a bit chilly on a spare bed in her home I loved my first Reiki therapy experience, I felt my heart begin to feel lighter and the pain that had been a heavy presence for so long started to go away. I wanted to experience this Reiki therapy more and learn everything I could about it, which began my beautiful life changing journey into Reiki through all the attunements and training to Reiki Master.

With Reiki the positive healing light energy is channelled though me and all the energies that need cleared and healed are blown away, so no more holding onto others pain as I did as a child , just being a channel to let it go and replace with healing energy. 

I love Reiki therapy

My journey into Reiki changed my life forever, every part of my life became transformed.

Everything seemed so much more simpler when I recognised what was important to me in my life and anything or anyone that didn’t make me feel good or feel as if they drained my energy I let go of with love. Although sounds simple it’s actually harder than it sounds to do, but was an important part of my own journey.

My beautiful family and home became happier, I changed my job to become a self employed Reiki therapist and trained in Holistic and massage therapies to become a successful therapist doing what I love everyday.

I have met so many lovely clients on my journey and made amazing friends, I feel it’s such a privilege to be asked to give Reiki therapy and begin someone’s journey with Reiki into balance, healing, harmony, transformation and change.

When my client gets the WOW factor, that has to be the best feeling ever for me . Sometimes it’s the next day or the next week they contact me or come and see me again telling me about their amazing changes that Reiki has empowered .

I look forwards to my future with Reiki that comes hand in hand in everything I do, helping all my clients and meeting new Reiki students for Reiki attunements and training.

With love and light x

Reiki was my introduction to the world of holistic therapy and is a big part of who I am in everything I do.