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About me


My story is I love what I do.....



I am so happy to introduce myself to you, I am Lindsay, a personal massage & holistic therapist and I have the most rewarding work in the world!

Everyday I help my clients, creating space and time for them to  chill.... relax.... heal ........ leave all their stresses and worries behind for an hour or so, to help them feel lighter, happier and rejuvenated ready to take on the world again or maybe just go home and curl up with a good book !

And now I have expanded my work to enable me to help more women as I have qualified as a Menopause therapist and practitioner to talk everything and anything Menopause .

An inspiring and exciting part of my work is sharing my love and passion in my teaching academy, I teach practitioner courses in Holistic Therapy, Reflexology, Advanced Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Indian face Massage, Eastern Bamboo Heated Massage, Holistic Life Coaching and Reiki.

Watching my students learn and develop, grow in confidence and experience is the most fulfilling, amazing, heart warming experience as a teacher and mentor.


I have put my heart and soul into my Holistic & massage therapy business for over 15 years.

The full range of therapies I offer to you are a promise... 

where the quality of your therapy experience you receive is exquisite.




BH Holistics my business


A promise...

An exquisite therapy experience

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Executive training provider with the International Practitioners of Holistic medicine

Accredited professional courses




Reiki training and attunements 

for personal spiritual  and professional  growth.

Meeting national occupational standards


For More Information Please Call Us

07748 376385

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