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Training Academy, Massage & Holistic Therapies

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BH Holistics

If you have a bespoke therapy request or would just like a little help choosing something right for you, please give me call on  07748 376385

If I am unavailable, please leave me a voice mail or send me a text.

I promise to telephone you back as soon as I can.

My online booking system is here to make your life easier, you can make your appointment at any time of day that suits you.

Please pay a deposit for your booking or choose appropriate payment to pay in full.

Alternatively, you can send me an email to [email protected]

A cancelled appointment delays our work. 

When you must cancel please give me 24 hours notice. I am rarely able to fill a cancelled appointment unless I know at least 24 hours in advance. If you are unable to provide at least 24 hours notice you will be charged the full fee for the session.

The only time I will waive this fee is in the event of serious or contagious illness or emergency.

I grow my business by happy customers referring me....

Please don't keep me a secret...