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Women's Health & Holistic Wellbeing course

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Women's Health and Holistic Wellbeing Courses

Bringing happiness and joy into your life


This is an accredited course with the International practitioners of Holistic medicine for women 

 personally and professionally to transform your life.

Relax, be calm, you've got this!


This course is for you if you;

If you are ready to transform;

Are you ready to focus on yourself ?  if you want to change the world you must begin with yourself.

Commit to continuous self improve and inspire others to do the same.

View challenges as opportunities.

Go after your dreams

Value your health and well being.

You understand your value and want to change your future.

You enjoy learning and developing yourself to reach your true potential.

You are ready to write your own story in life and begin a new chapter.

You are ready to be the author of your own destiny and become who you are in your authentic world.

It is time to realise your true power, realise your goals.

You enjoy the journey of personal growth.

Happiness and joy are important to you.


My story with holistic life coaching.

Living the life I wanted to live and knowing how.

My journey into the holistic world was ignited by Reiki and learning all about our energies, not just physical energies but emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental energies that effect us everyday. 

I became very passionate about Holistic health and caring about the whole person understanding that all our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social and environment needs all need to be in equal equilibrium for our wellness and happiness. 

Which began my new journey to learn, develop and grow as a Holistic therapist and I qualified as a Holistic life coach. This has been a wonderful transformational personal and professional journey for me, not only was I working on my self to be the best of me and live the life I truly wanted to live but also in my therapy work incorporating my skills, knowledge and understanding of holistic life coaching into my other therapies.

This has been amazing for my holistic and massage therapy business as I deliver an exquisite therapy experience to all my clients and help them on so many different levels. I care about helping my clients achieve optimum health and well-being and Holistic life coaching has been an integral therapy in my work.

Life is full of stories, your story, your families story. Whats your story? Are you ready to open a new chapter in your life? If yes then you are in the right place.

If you would like to join me on this course book in here.


I want to share with you my Holistic life coaching course which can be approached on two levels;


Holistic wisdom for you programme.

For you personally to have all the wisdom, knowledge and experience to transform your life on every level to develop and become the best of ''you'' living the life you have always dreamed of with joy and happiness. 

If you want to be creative in transforming your life, you want love, personal power, joy and peace as your values then you are in the right place.


Holistic wisdom professional coaching course.

September  2024

This is for for you personally and professionally to become a health and wellness holistic life coach practitioner, accredited with the International practitioners of Holistic Medicine, to expand your current therapies and be an exquisite holistic therapist and holistic life coach.

Your clients will return regularly as your words of wisdom and coaching will help them on so many levels in their life, empowering them to make changes and the difference they need to achieve optimum health and well-being.

For therapists wanting to deliver an exquisite therapy experience reaching your true potential as a Holistic therapist by qualifying as a Holistic life coach on this accredited course you are not new to this you are true to this and definitely in the right place. 


Want to know more and sign up ?


Holistic Life Coaching.jpg

Autumn special online course just for you

Only £10.00 for a limited period only.

Journey 1

Your beginning to self discovery with a different perspective to create change.

You will receive four online booklets.

1. Discover, identify & focus with your own questionnaires.

2. Your beginning.

3. NLP techniques for personal change.

4. Meditations & Visualisations.

Voice recordings can be sent through on request.

If you enjoy journey 1 and would like to continue your Holistic life coaching journey there are 5 journeys to complete with the opportunity to professionally develop further as a Holistic life coach.

Contact Lindsay on 07748376385 or email

Your course will be emailed to you as soon as payment is received.

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