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Wild Heart Holistic Therapies

Release Restore Renew Energy

Increase your well being and smile within.


Energies that flow and work together beautifully and with dignity

'This is Wild Heart Holistic Therapies'






What is Reiki?

Reiki is a universal healing energy and vibration of life in all living things.

Healing, loving and positive, Reiki is the heart of wild heart holistic's.

Reiki is ... the energy shift, motivation, the door to personal healing and happiness, the balance, harmony, the deepest level of mind relaxation, the kick start needed to empower your own energy system. 

Reiki makes a difference ....

To love yourself , feel empowered, radiate joy from within and you have found your well-being at its best.





Energising & Rejuvenating.

The ultimate foot massage designed to promote healing on a holistic level.

A very effective form of foot massage.

This therapy is based on the principle that ‘reflex points’ on our hands and feet correspond to each organ and are linked to those organs by energy channels, zones or meridians. When illness or imbalances occurs in the body, the corresponding energy channels become blocked. By directly addressing these blockages through massage techniques, reflexology allows energy to flow freely again, so restoring the bodies natural balance and promoting good health.




Hopi Candle Therapy

A great treatment for helping with symptoms of illness & imbalance in the head, face & ears.

Acting like a chimney, Hopi Candles draw all impurities out of the ears into the base of the candle.

Why is it good for me?

•Helps with excessive or compacted ears.

•Alleviates irritation in the ears and sinuses.

•Improves pressure regulation in cases of sinusitis, Rhinitis, glue ear, colds & flue, headaches and migraine.

•Energetically revitalises in cases of hearing impairment.

•Helps with ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

•Helps to balance fluids in the Labyrinth easing symptoms of Meniere's syndrome.




Indian Face Massage

A beautiful authentic Indian face massage to naturally give your face an uplifting face lift.

Synchronising together healing energies of Reiki, the activating acupressure points and Marma facial points with deep rejuvenating massage techniques.

Aches, pains, tension and lines are a warning sign that your energy is not flowing as freely as it should. This leads to blockages which manifest as pain. Indian Face Massage releases those blockages, allowing the energy to flow more freely.

Not only is it relaxing and calming but it also reduces lines, tightens the skin, increases skin elasticity, promotes blood flow to the face and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

As we get older our skin loses some of its elasticity. Indian Face Massage gently removes the toxic build up to loosen the fibres and increase elasticity. The techniques used in Indian Face Massage come from Ayurveda.



Women's Health & Holistic Wellbeing


Holistic Life Coaching has added amazing value to my clients everyday with shared Holistic Wisdom.


Sessions will help you:

​•Discover who you are.

•Identify what changes you can make and how to make those changes happen.

•Live your life with joy and happiness.

If you are interested and want to know more, please contact me ......



Pampering Therapies 


Calming & Soothing

A complete holistic experience for the head with Hopi candle therapy combined with healing Indian Head massage. 

Price: £70.00 for 90 minutes



Ultimate Healing Journey 

Relax, replenish and revitalise your essential wellbeing with this ultimate healing journey. 

A unique combination of holistic life coaching, Reiki, crystal therapy, colour therapy and polarity for when you need it most. 

Price : £70.00 for 90 minutes






Keeping it simple

45 minutes £40.00           60 minutes £50.00          90 minutes £70.00


What my clients say...   some testimonials

"Lindsay, many thanks for your skill as a Reiki practitioner.

I have had Reiki in the past and I found that it took a session or two to get into it.

Now I like to have a session on a regular basis as after Reiki I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and stillness and well being that can be hard to find in day to day life. It brings life back into balance. It's my time to relax and find tranquility."


"I first went to see Lindsay last December with a chest infection. I had been ill for weeks and had no energy at all. I had 3 Reiki sessions in a week and she cured me! I felt so good and energised in my mind body and soul that I decided to have a Reiki session every Monday.

My asthma doesn't bother me anymore, I don't get ill, my whole life has improved thanks to Reiki. I had a problem with my circulation in my feet but she has cured this problem also. 


Two weeks ago I damaged my ankle and had swelling and pain but after 2 sessions of Reiki it's normal again.



I have had a few appointments with Lindsay for different treatments and all have left me feeling rejuvenated rebalanced and refreshed. 

She has helped me address my physical and mental wellbeing which to me is priceless. Lindsay is very professional yet, very down to earth and easy going. I can't recommend her enough whether yr looking for a simple massage or some holistic therapy on a deeper level, she is  definitely worth a visit and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else

Susan Wrennall

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