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Holistic Therapies

Wild heart holistic therapies
Release restore renew energy, increase your well being and smile within ! 

Chi is your life force energy within your energy meridians.
Reiki is a positive healing universal energy,
 Mother Earth energy is grounding and healing.
Colour healing energy is empowering, energising and gently balancing.
Polarising energy works with the yin yang energies of your body and ensures the energy flows around your body freely and with strength.
 Crystal healing energy clears unwanted energies and increases healing energies.
 All of these energies flow and work together beautifully and with dignity.

 This is Wild heart holistic therapies. 


Reiki has been my passion, my energy and breath for  over 15 years in both my work and life.
I am a Master Reiki Practitioner and provide high quality Reiki therapy that works with the body's natural energy centres to heal and revitalise.
My intention is always with love, light and making a difference.   

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Holistic Massage

Targeting the body's energy flow,the lymph glands and circulation system  this massage therapy differs from conventional massage as it treats the client holistically on all levels that is physically, emotionally,mentally and spiritually.
A firm yet soothing full body massage, deeply relaxing experience that your body will thank you for. 

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Shiatsu Massage

A static massage ideal for balancing the body and promoting wellbeing.

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The ultimate foot massage designed to promote healing on a holistic level.

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Hopi Ear Candling

A great treatment for helping with symptoms of illness and imbalance in the head, face and ears.  

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Indian Face Massage 

A beautiful authentic Indian face massage to naturally give your face an uplifting face lift.
Synchronising together the  healing energies of Reiki,  the activating acupressure points and Marma facial points with rejuvenating massage techniques.

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