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Training Academy

Welcome to our cosy therapy room for your practical days of training.

Small & friendly groups ensures individual teaching & guidance for all students and a fun & enjoyable learning experience.

Feel confident with your new passion for learning and love what you do.

Find out what courses we offer here individually or grouped perfectly together just for you.

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Exclusive to BH Holistics Training Academy


Holistic & Massage therapist.

Qualify in 7 holistic & massage therapy practitioner courses in 7 months.

This is a professional, accredited course to help you set up and grow a successful business within the world of therapies.

The practitioner courses will include; Holistic massage, Reflexology, Eastern bamboo heated massage, Indian head massage, Indian face massage,

Hopi candle therapy, Reiki and practical business help & support.


This is an exciting opportunity.

Love what you do with BH Holistics Training Academy.



Holistic Therapist Course



Reflexology Practitioner Course

Reflexology is an extremely effective form of foot massage based on the principle that 'reflex points' on the hands and feet correspond to each organ or part of your body, linking to those organs by energy channels and meridians.


Tender areas and crystals on the appropriate reflex points on the feet, reflect imbalance of the affected organ or body part.


By applying reflexology foot massage techniques to these points, the body can be prompted to maximise its own great capacity both to heal itself and to prevent illness.


Love what you do.

Feel confident with your new passion for learning Reflexology.


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Indian Head Massage Practitioner Course


Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda and has been practised in India for thousands of years. 

Usually performed while the client is seated, this popular massage takes around 45 to 60 minutes and works on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face to help ease a variety of stress-related conditions and relieve muscular tension

It’s simple to learn, highly effective and makes a great accompaniment to other therapies such as body massage, aromatherapy and Reiki.


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Holistic Massage Practitioner Course


Holistic Massage therapists are practitioners who focus on the entire person ' not just symptoms' to restore much needed balance.


Holistic massage is the basis of all main stream massage with Swedish massage, it is very beneficial and a natural way to treat all the body systems and relieve emotional and psychological problems.


With Holistic massage training you will learn to adapt to a variety of different states of health and physical fitness of the client and be able to treat accordingly to the reasons of stress, tension and other factors and events effecting their lives.


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Indian Face Massage Practitioner Course


An authentic Indian face massage and Ayurvedic therapy.

Healing Restorative Harmonising.


A natural anti ageing facial massage to free up the constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue as tension can build up within our facial muscles from the pressures of everyday life.


Helping with muscle tone and diminish wrinkles

Indian Face Massage releases blockages, allowing the energy to flow more freely.


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Eastern Bamboo Massage Practitioner Course


Eastern bamboo heated massage

Accredited training course.


Heated Eastern Bamboo is still fairly new within the world of massage, but once experienced a massage is not a massage without Bamboo.


Heated Eastern Bamboo makes the difference of a good massage becoming an exquisite massage.


Eastern Bamboo helps us take the pressure and physical tiredness away from our hands and arms in our everyday work and becomes an integral part of our working day for all massage therapists.


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Hopi Candle Practitioner Course


Hopi Candles  (Thermal Auricular therapy)


Calms the mind and soothes the ears  bringing in your inner healing.


Welcome to BH Holistic’s Hopi candle therapy 1 day practitioner course.


This is a small, friendly relaxed course designed to meet everyones  learning potential, as a therapist or for personal interest.


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Reiki Training and attunements.


Everyone can use their own innate ability for healing.


To access Reiki you need to undergo a process called an attunement, an 'Attunement means in harmony with'.


You become attuned to the unique vibrations of the spiritual healing and positive light of Reiki energy.


In Usui Reiki there are three attunements spread out over the various levels of training which allows the student to become acclimatised to the levels of energy.


Reiki is accessible to whoever expresses the wish to be attuned to the energies in order to heal himself / herself, help others find the healing place within themselves.

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Some testimonials received after a training course​

• Thank you so so much for today I thoroughly enjoyed it '

I'm loving all your courses so far. 

Such a lovely relaxing atmosphere as soon as you step through your door, and a great place to learn.'


•I am buzzing !! This, like I said, is my final chapter that has begun and I'm so looking forwards to seeing whats on the next page of my learning. Thank you for guiding me on my journey.'



Women's Health and Holistic wellbeing course.

Holistic Life coaching.

For Coaches


This is an accredited course with the International practitioners of Holistic medicine for women personally and professionally to transform their life.


Expand your current therapies and be an exquisite holistic therapist and holistic life coach for women.

Your clients will return regularly as your words of wisdom and coaching will help them on so many levels in their life, empowering them to make changes and the difference they need to achieve optimum health and well-being.


You are not new to this you are true to this and definitely in the right place.

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Teaching Academy 

Massage & Holistic Therapy centre 

BH Holistics Training Academy is Flexible with Training Dates

Holistic and massage therapy is a growing industry as people are valuing self care and wellbeing more than ever.

Are you wanting to learn holistic and massage therapies and make a change in your life to work flexibly as a self employed therapist?

Love what you do @BH Holistics.

BH Holistic's Training academy offers our most popular practitioner training courses on a Saturday.

Holistic massage practitioner course will be available to join over 6 Saturdays at one Saturday a month.

Reflexology practitioner course is available on a Saturday also for five Saturdays at one Saturday a month.

Get in touch if this is of interest to you and would like more information.

BH Holistic's Training Academy would like to make all courses more accessible to everyone so please get in touch for more available dates on all practitioner courses.

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