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Training Academy, Massage & Holistic Therapies

Wild Heart Massage

' Each of us are unique and different'

as are your therapy experiences at 

BH Holistics 

Restorative, rejuvenating, deeply soothing therapeutic massage, a beautiful combination of massage techniques with the essential extras of heated eastern bamboo, hot stones and our favourite aromatherapy oils. 


Book your time from 30 minutes to 90 minutes

Your personal consultation will create your perfect massage giving attention where most needed.

Holistic massage 

Therapeutic touch to restore & balance.

Deeply relaxing whilst healing both body & mind

Similar in techniques to Swedish massage, this deeply soothing therapeutic massage activates the acupressure points to enhance healing, helps eliminate toxins from the body and activates the lymph drainage system, improves your circulation and increases your white blood cell production, all essential for your overall well being and health.

This massage therapy treats the whole person, addressing physical, emotional and mental issues.

Eastern Heated Bamboo Massage

No massage is ever the same again after having a massage with heated bamboo.

A new massage technique using Eastern heated bamboo canes makes this treatment truly unique.

Eastern heated bamboo can be experienced alone as a relaxing yet deep massage or integrated nicely into a back, neck and shoulders massage.

Ideal for tension and stress, this massage soothes the nerve endings and promotes a deep sense of relaxation. Also, it firms and tones the skin, improves circulation and provides relief to tired, aching muscles by ironing them out and removing lactic acid.

A very comforting and soothing massage as the heat of the stones and bamboo work their magic.

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Indian Head Massage


Stimulating Relaxing Uplifting

Indian head massage uses a range of different pressures and rhythms to massage the shoulders, upper back, scalp and finishing with a gentle face massage

Ideal for tension and stress, this massage soothes the nerve endings and promotes a deep sense of relaxation. Also, it firms and tones the skin, improves circulation and provides relief to tired, aching muscles, helps to alleviate headaches and improve the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid. 

Indian Face Massage

An authentic beautiful Indian anti-ageing facial massage.

Synchronising a lovely combination of Reiki, deep massage, acupressure and Marma healing point stimulation, this treatment makes for a deeply relaxing therapy that feels like a whole body experience.

Improves skin and muscle tone, clears and heals the lymph system and sinus problems and activates healing points to soothe and rejuvenate both mind and body

Shiatsu Massage

A static massage ideal for balancing the body and promoting well being.

Shiatsu massage is different from other types of therapeutic massage as is a static massage, which means pressure is applied to the point or part while the hand is still - Pressure is applied along the meridians and your limbs are flexed  and rotated in a similar fashion to Thai massage.

When Yin and Yang are in harmony, good health results; however, when imbalanced, illness can arise. Shiatsu massage helps to keep these crucial energies in balance.

Shiatsu massage is a very calming, relaxing therapy experience that is great for tension and stress.


Keeping it simple

45 minutes £30.00           60 minutes £40.00          90 minutes £60.00

Wild Heart Massage Pampering specials

Ultimate Indulgence Ultimate Indulgence

Totally indulge yourself with a blissful 90 minute massage and then follow with a 30 minute head, scalp and face massage for the ultimate relaxation. 

Price: £80.00 for 2 hours 

Relax & Rejuvenate Relax & Rejuvenate

Transport your body & mind into a deep sense of complete relaxation as muscles unwind through the restorative power of touch. with this lovely back, neck & shoulder massage.

Transport your body & mind into a deep sense of complete relaxation...

Price :£40.00 for 60 minutes

Revitalise  & Renew

Float your mind into holistic heaven with soothing and healing massage for your head with a beautiful Indian Head & Indian Face Massage 

Price : £60.00 for 90 minutes

Book your pampering massage special today


• Please avoid eating a meal or drinking alcohol at least two hours before a massage.

• To help eliminate the toxins from your body, drink water before as well as after your massage.


A warm friendly welcome, a consultation to ensure all your personal needs are met, soft room lighting, relaxing back ground music, a comfortable warm therapy couch, and a deeply soothing and relaxing massage tailored to you. 

Please note, you will be required to undress to your underwear for body massage except Shiatsu massage

BH Holistics’ Promise: a professional service meeting a high standard of care and experience.


• If under the care of a doctor or hospital for a medical condition, please ask for consent from a doctor or medical adviser to ensure no contraindications.

• If pregnant, please ask for medical consent from a midwife or doctor first

• Ladies should avoid massage in their first few days of menstruation.

• Those under the age of 18 years old will require parental consent.