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Hopi Candle Therapy Practitioner Course

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Hopi Candle Therapy Practitioner Course

( Thermal Auricular )

10am to 3.30 pm




Welcome to BH Holistic’s Hopi candle therapy practitioner course.

This is a small, friendly relaxed course designed to meet your learning potential. aimed both at therapists wishing to extend or refresh their skills and continually professionally develop and for individuals wanting an introduction into a therapy and discover their learning potential.


The Hopi Candle practitioner Course is a wonderful practical one day course, giving and receiving Hopi Candle treatments.

 This is definitely one of my calmest most relaxing training days  as everyone completely zones out and loses themselves into the candle flame .

 You will receive  one to one teaching and tuition that concludes with an assessment to ensure you are working confidently, to a professional standard working within a commercially viable time.

The training day will include a full training manual, detailed instruction of the knowledge and understanding required to work safely and to an occupational standard for Hopi candle therapy. 

You will be working within small friendly groups of students and enjoy the calming & soothing experience of receiving a Hopi candle therapy and the practical skills of giving a Hopi candle therapy under full supervision and instruction.

You will receive your Hopi Candle Therapy Practitioner certificate at the end of the training day if you meet the standards of the assessment.



You will gain an accredited certificate for Hopi Candle Therapy Practitioner with BH Holistic's an approved executive training provider with IPHM

I am passionate about teaching and helping others learn more about holistic and massage therapies and I promise to give you 100% attention, guidance and support in an environment that supports your learning.


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Introducing Hopi Candle Therapy ....

Hopi ear candling is an ancient and natural therapy that has been handed down to us through the mists of time by many civilisations.

We are told the Ancient Greeks used ear candles, initially they were probably used for cleansing purifying and healing in a spiritual level.

Much later the amazing efficiency of the candles were discovered on a purely physical level.

It is from the Hopi Tribe (A people of peace) who are North American Indians that we have received the knowledge about Hopi candle therapy today.

Ear candles were used to cleanse and harmonise the different energy fields of the individual aura, in preparation for the state of trance, and to drive out negative energies, this may seem a strange concept of the modern observer, but the use of the ear candles evolved in an age where therapy and religion formed a natural unit. Ear candles can be considered a classic clearance therapy and can be used for many problems related to the ear and head. 

The lymph system and metabolism can be favourably influenced by this intensive but pleasant and completely painless method.


Known indications are as follows:

Excessive or compacted wax in the ears

Irritations in the ears or sinuses

Pressure regulation in cases of:




Colds and flu



Local activation of blood flow, the lymphatic system and the metabolic process.

Stimulation of the local and reflex energy flow.

Co-ordination of the cerebral hemispheres.

Energetic revitalisation in cases of hearing impairment.

Relaxing and calming in cases of excessive excitement and stress symptoms.

Noises in the ears, ringing (tinnitus).

Helps to balance fluids in the labyrinth, vertigo, Meniere’s syndrome.



Hopi candle practitioner

This course is a fully accredited course with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine which also allows you to join and become fully insured for public liability.


Terms and conditions

Once your course is purchased you are agreeing to the following ;

If you wish to cancel please advise us in writing by email to .

Courses are refundable up to 14 days prior to Course, provided the notice is received in writing and £20.00 will be deducted for administration charges.

We reserve the right to cancel a course date up to 7 days before and will advice you of an alternative date and provide you with a full refund. In the event of cancellation BH Holistic's is not liable for travel expenses, childcare or any other associated costs.


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