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Refresher & CPD Training 

Continuously professionally develop.

When you are looking for opportunities to learn something new, refresh your existing knowledge, improve your skills, or simply keep up to date with the latest developments within your massage, spiritual or holistic therapies, BH Holistics Training academy has lots of exciting new opportunities just for you.


BH Holistics Training academy creates small friendly groups to ensure a fun, enjoyable learning experience.

I would love you to join us, just get in touch.


We have lots more exciting CPD opportunities at BH Holistics Training Academy to come, just keep in touch.

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1 Reiki, Pendulums,  Crystals & Chakras

19th June 2024

Wild Heart Energy Reiki Workshop.

Would you like to join us on this unique Reiki workshop ?

You will learn how to use a crystal pendulum , to clear unwanted energies and give you an energy reading, balance energies and energise the Chakras with colour , crystals and Reiki .

Harmonise and balance energy.

10am to 3pm  £130.00

2 Polarity and Reiki Workshop

4th June

10th July

Polarity brings our bodies back into it's natural energetic status.

Linking us to the negative, positive and neutral zones, these three electromagnetic  charges are the result of our overall energy system which have specific energy currents and patterns when the body, mind and spirit is in complete harmony with the surrounding energy field.

Learn the techniques of polarity in this one day workshop.

Polarity unblocks energy to flow in harmony and balance .

10am to 3pm 


2 Working with Reiki symbols & Mantras 

Working with the Reiki symbols & Mantras.

Create your personal space.

Creative use of symbols & Mantras.

Self treatment with the power symbol.

Using Reiki symbols for Chakra balancing and clearing.

3 Distance healing, past present & future

Past healing with Reiki.

Programme distance healing treatments for future and past times.

Practice distance healing.

4  Sound Colour & Crystals healing with your Reiki therapy

Discover how to enhance your Reiki treatments with colour healing, crystals and sound therapy.

5 Energy integrity ( protection, clearing, recharging, interactions)

Creating a healing space

Reiki circles

Preparing a room.

Use and possible recipients of Reiki energy , self care, plants, water, medicine, places, mental/ emotional conditions and places.

6 Reiki for self care

Techniques, symbols , crystals & self love with Reiki.

7 Meditation techniques & hand positions.

Beautiful meditations for Reiki and hand Mudras.

Reiki Training  (Theory & practical,  principles, methods and techniques)

Practitioner skills

Professional relationships

Communication Skills

Work role & practice


Record keeping

Reflection & evaluation


Contraindications & cautions

Legislation (Local, National & European) 

Health & Wellbeing (home & aftercare)

Basic anatomy & physiology.

Recapping on all the basic knowledge & understanding of Dr Mikao Usui Reiki.

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