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Menopause Symptoms & Hormone Imbalance 

Holistic  natural therapies to help you through your menopausal journey.

Symptoms and side effects of a woman's menopausal journey can begin years before the menopause actually begins during the peri-menopause stage.

Every woman is different and unique as are the effects of the symptoms of the menopause, but these symptoms can effect every day life and make us feel helpless, lost and sad.

Everything around us becomes effected too, our work, family, relationships and  home  as our hormones start doing somersaults and feel as if we are on some crazy roller coaster ride.

We all seem to be aware of the main symptoms hot flushes, night sweats, sleepless nights  and foggy brain but there are so many more symptoms which sometimes we may blame other illnesses for. 

Low mood , depression, mood swings, irregular periods, migraines and headaches, itchy skin, achey joints , fatigue, low energy, loss of memory and poor concentration , anxiety, low sex drive or no sex drive, are just a few of the other symptoms !

I would love to help women just like me going through this journey in life to rebalance their hormones and life with my new sculpted combination of skills of a menopause therapist practitioner, holistic and massage therapist and holistic life coach all synchronising together creating therapies for menopause symptoms and balance hormones.

If you have symptoms of the menopause and would like a friendly, warm and compassionate therapist to talk too and enjoy a few holistic & massage therapies to help you through this journey, please get in touch and contact Lindsay on 07748376385.


Menopause Holistic Therapy Special 

2.5 Hours of ''you''time 

Menopause Holistic therapy special '2.5 hours of  'you' time '
Book in for a menopause consultation to chat about your symptoms and your options to overcome them.
Then just relax and close your eyes and feel the peace and calm of this beautiful combination of holistic therapies . Reflexology. Holistic Back massage. Reiki. Indian Head Massage.
Only £80.00 

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