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Talking Menopause

Lets talk everything and anything about Menopause.

Discover how to balance your hormones and embrace the menopause.

The menopause is a unique personal journey for every woman as it is a time of transformation.

So, let's talk about everything from night sweats to vaginal dryness !

Lindsay is offering coaching and holistic & massage therapies to help balance your hormones and improve wellbeing through the menopause journey .

New therapies for menopause and hormonal balance here.

New online group courses to support women through the menopause to be announced soon.

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My Story

When we talk and laugh about it, we learn and relax. 
My new journey as a menopause therapist practitioner has already been an amazing life changing experience for me as I have been able to make changes to my life through learning and understanding of what my body and mind has been going through for what feel like years! 
So, I now know I am not actually going mad, I haven't got dementia, I haven't got an incurable illness causing overwhelming tiredness and fatigue, I am not that horrible person snapping at my family!
I just had to learn how to balance my hormones and recognise what is selfish and what is self care to look after me in a better way.


I spent a fantastic month with Lindsay for Menopause therapies, including all relevant guidance and therapies.

Over the month I learned about nutrition and experienced  improvements on all levels, stress decreased, relaxation increased, sleep improved, and  mindfulness of self and health increased . I had the most amazing treatments by Lindsay trying almost every one and wasn't disappointed. Lindsay is so professional, caring and down to earth, making you feel instantly at ease as you walk through the door. I would highly recommend trying any of Lindsays treatments, she has certainly helped me on my menopause journey.

Thank you Lindsay 

Sarah xx


Join our Menopause Balancing Hormones Private Group 

I have started an exclusive and private group to create a safe and supportive space for women going through the menopause transition to ask questions and get advice about their specific menopause symptoms.

I am qualified as a menopause therapist and practitioner and would love to help as many women asI can .

If you would like to join our special, exclusive and private group to learn more about the menopause and understand your symptoms, get help and support with special offers on therapy experiences with me at BH Holistics and receive advice please comment below in my contact page link  and I will get in touch with you.

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